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Afrobeats: The Global Sound Taking Over the Music Industry




Afrobeats, also known as Afro-pop, is a music genre that originated in West Africa in the early 2000s. It is a fusion of traditional African rhythms, highlife, and hip-hop music. The genre has gained popularity globally in recent years and has become a dominant sound in mainstream music, particularly in Europe and the United States.

Origins of Afrobeats

Afrobeats originated from Nigeria, specifically from Lagos, the country’s commercial capital. The genre’s pioneers include Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade, and Ebenezer Obey, who popularized African rhythms, particularly the Yoruba and Afrobeat sounds.

Afrobeats evolved in the 2000s with the emergence of a new generation of artists like D’banj, Wizkid, and Davido. These artists fused African rhythms with hip-hop, reggae, and R&B to create a unique sound that appealed to a wider audience.

Characteristics of Afrobeats

Afrobeats is characterized by its infectious rhythm, upbeat tempo, and danceable melodies. The music often features a blend of African percussion, guitar riffs, and electronic beats, with lyrics sung in a mix of English and African languages.

The music also emphasizes the importance of dance and often comes with a signature dance move that accompanies the song. For instance, the song “Zanku” by Zlatan Ibile comes with a dance move known as the Zanku legwork.


Global Popularity

Afrobeats have gained significant popularity outside of Africa in recent years. The genre’s popularity started to spread globally in 2012 when D’banj’s hit single “Oliver Twist” became a chart-topping song in the UK and the United States. The song opened up a global market for Afrobeats and paved the way for other African artists to break into the international music scene.

In recent years, Afrobeats has enjoyed massive success on the international scene, with artists like Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido collaborating with international stars such as Beyoncé, Drake, and Chris Brown. These collaborations have helped to put Afrobeats on the world stage and bring the genre to a global audience.


The Future of Afrobeats

The future of Afrobeats looks bright, with the genre continuing to gain popularity across the globe. In 2020, Wizkid’s album “Made in Lagos” became the first Afrobeats album to reach the top 10 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

The popularity of Afrobeats is also evident in the number of Afrobeats-inspired events and festivals that are held globally. The annual Afro Nation festival, which started in 2019, is a three-day festival that celebrates Afrobeat music and culture. The festival has been held in Portugal and Ghana, attracting fans from around the world.


Importance Of Afrobeats

  1. Promotes African culture: Afrobeats is a fusion of traditional African music, Western pop, and hip-hop. The genre’s sound is infused with African rhythms, melodies, and languages. By celebrating African culture, Afrobeats help to preserve and promote the continent’s diverse cultural heritage.
  2. Economic growth: The rise of Afrobeats has been a catalyst for economic growth in Africa. The genre has created employment opportunities for artists, producers, sound engineers, and other professionals in the music industry. The genre’s popularity has also led to the growth of music festivals and concerts, which attract thousands of music lovers and generate revenue for local businesses.
  3. Social impact: Afrobeats has become a voice for the African youth, addressing issues such as political corruption, social inequality, and poverty. The genre’s lyrics often reflect the struggles of everyday life in Africa, inspiring hope and motivation among the youth.
  4. Global recognition: Afrobeats has gained popularity beyond the shores of Africa, with the genre’s biggest stars performing in major cities around the world. The genre has also attracted collaborations with international artists, which has helped to promote African culture to a global audience.
  5. Unity: Afrobeats has become a unifying force in Africa, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. The genre’s popularity has transcended borders, promoting a sense of pan-Africanism and solidarity among Africans.
  6. Inspiration: Afrobeats has inspired a new generation of African musicians and artists, who have embraced the genre’s sound and fused it with their own unique styles. The genre has also inspired the emergence of new African fashion styles and dance trends.



One of the defining characteristics of Afrobeat is its complex rhythm. It is based on traditional African rhythms, with a strong emphasis on percussion instruments like the conga, bongo, and shekere. The rhythm is often polyrhythmic, meaning that multiple rhythms are played at the same time, creating a layered and intricate sound. The bass guitar is also an important component of Afrobeat, providing a deep and groovy foundation for the rhythm section.

Another distinguishing feature of Afrobeat is its political and social commentary. The genre emerged during a time of political and social upheaval in Nigeria, and its early pioneers used their music as a platform to address issues like corruption, poverty, and inequality. Fela Kuti, one of the most influential figures in Afrobeat, was known for his political activism and his willingness to speak out against the Nigerian government. His music was a powerful tool for social change, and his lyrics continue to resonate with audiences today.

Afrobeat also incorporates elements of traditional African music and culture, such as call-and-response vocals and African dance styles. The lyrics often contain references to African culture, history, and spirituality, reflecting a deep connection to the African continent and its people. The use of African languages and dialects in the lyrics further emphasizes the genre’s cultural roots.

The incorporation of Western music styles into Afrobeat is another factor that sets it apart from other genres. The genre’s pioneers were heavily influenced by jazz and funk, and these influences can be heard in the complex harmonies and melodic structures of the music. The use of horns, keyboards, and other Western instruments adds a layer of sophistication to the sound, creating a unique fusion of African and Western music.

The performance style of Afrobeat is a key element of its uniqueness. Live performances are often energetic and engaging, with large bands and dynamic stage shows. The musicians are known for their improvisational skills, and solos are a common feature of the music. The audience is often encouraged to participate in the performance, with call-and-response vocals and dance breaks.

Afrobeat is a unique genre of music that combines traditional African rhythms, Western music styles, political and social commentary, and elements of African culture and spirituality. Its complex rhythm, political and social significance, cultural roots, incorporation of Western music styles, and engaging performance style are all factors that contribute to its distinctiveness. As Afrobeat continues to gain popularity around the world, it is clear that its unique sound and cultural significance will continue to make it a beloved and important genre of music.

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Top 10 Underground Rappers in Atlanta



Top 10 Underground Rappers in Atlanta

Atlanta has long been known as a hub for innovative and influential music, with a rich history of producing some of the most groundbreaking artists in hip hop. In recent years, a new generation of rappers has emerged in the city’s underground scene, blending elements of trap, punk, and rock to create a sound that is raw, authentic, and uniquely Atlanta. Here are the top 10 underground rappers in Atlanta that you need to know.


Young Nudy

One of the most prominent figures in Atlanta’s underground rap scene is Young Nudy. Originally from East Atlanta, Nudy gained notoriety with his 2016 mixtape “Slimeball,” which featured collaborations with fellow Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. Nudy’s music is characterized by its raw energy and unfiltered lyrics, which explore the realities of life in the inner city. His latest album, “DR. EV4L,” is a testament to his lyrical prowess and unique sound, blending elements of trap, drill, and punk rock to create an intense and emotional listening experience.


Lil Gotit

Lil Gotit is another rising star in Atlanta’s underground rap scene. Hailing from the city’s Zone 6 neighborhood, Gotit has been making a name for himself with his unique style, which blends trap music with elements of punk and rock. Gotit’s music is known for its aggressive beats and dark, moody lyrics that touch on themes of drugs, violence, and street life. His latest album, “Top Chef Gotit,” is a powerful testament to his talent and his ability to push the boundaries of what is possible in hip hop.


Yung Mal

Yung Mal is a rapper from the Westside of Atlanta, known for his gritty, street-inspired lyrics and his ability to craft compelling hooks. He first gained attention with his 2017 mixtape “1.5 Way or No Way,” which showcased his unique flow and his ear for melody. Since then, he has continued to build him following with a string of well-received projects, including “Iceburg,” “6 Rings,” and “1.5 Way or No Way 2.”


Hoodrich Pablo Juan

Hoodrich Pablo Juan is a rapper from Atlanta’s Zone 6 neighborhood, known for his smooth flow and his laid-back, melodic style. He first gained attention with his 2017 mixtape “Designer Drugz,” which showcased his ability to craft catchy hooks and memorable verses. Since then, he has continued to build him following with a string of well-received projects, including “BLO: The Movie,” “DMV,” and “Hood Champ.”


Lil Keed

Lil Keed is a rapper from Atlanta’s Southside, known for his unique flow and his ability to blend elements of trap, R&B, and rock music. He first gained attention with his 2018 mixtape “Trapped on Cleveland 2,” which showcased his emotive lyrics and his ability to create anthemic hooks. Since then, he has continued to build him following with a string of well-received projects, including “Long Live Mexico,” “Trapped on Cleveland 3,” and “A.


Kenny Mason

Kenny Mason is a rapper from Atlanta’s Westside, known for his introspective lyrics and his ability to blend elements of rap, rock, and alternative music. He first gained attention with his 2019 project “Angelic Hoodrat,” which showcased his unique perspective and his gift for storytelling. Since then, he has continued to build him following with a string of well-received projects, including “Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut” and “AngelDust.”



2FeetBino is a rapper from Atlanta’s Eastside, known for his charismatic personality and his infectious, catchy hooks. He first gained attention with his 2018 mixtape “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” which showcased his ability to create party anthems and his natural talent for making people dance. Since then, he has continued to build his following with a string of well-received projects, including “Broken Dreams,” “A Story Never Told,” and “Southside to Hollywood.”


BRS Kash

BRS Kash is a rapper from Atlanta’s Westside, known for his energetic flow and his ability to create infectious hooks. He first gained attention with his breakout single “Throat Baby,” which went viral on TikTok and helped him to gain a massive following. Since then, he has continued to build his brand with a string of well-received projects, including “Kash Only,” “Hurtin’ My Wrist,” and “Kash App.”


Yung Baby Tate

Yung Baby Tate is a rapper and singer from Atlanta, known for her unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, and pop music. She first gained attention with her 2018 project “BOYS,” which showcased her ability to create catchy, radio-friendly anthems that still retained a sense of authenticity and individuality. Since then, she has continued to build her following with a string of well-received projects, including “GIRLS,” “After the Rain,” and “IRL.”



Grip is a rapper from Atlanta, known for his introspective lyrics and his ability to blend elements of hip-hop, jazz, and spoken word poetry. He first gained attention with his 2017 project “Porch,” which showcased his gift for storytelling and his ability to capture the nuances of life in the inner city. Since then, he has continued to build him following with a string of well-received projects, including “Snubnose,” “HALO,” and “I Died for This!?”


Atlanta’s underground rap scene is full of talented and innovative artists, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in hip-hop. These 10 rappers represent the best of the best, each bringing their unique voice and perspective to the table. Whether you’re a fan of trap, punk, rock, R&B, or any other genre, there’s something for everyone in Atlanta’s thriving underground rap scene.

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Top 15 Slay Queens In South Africa



South africa slay queen

South Africa is home to people of diverse backgrounds, so definitely it is expected to have a lot of beautiful and endowed ladies who slay and mirror the days of fun-loving Mzansi girls and boys.

We can’t honestly expect less from a melting pot of different diverse cultures and races that is SA. So who is the most beautiful slay mamas in South Africa? Mzansi SA, Naija, and African guys and girls buckle up and check out our Top 15 most beautiful and endowed South African slay mama’s list below


15. Nomuzi Mabena

The baldhead beauty came to the limelight when she won the MTV VJ search in 2012 and there has been no holding her back since then. Her beauty is proof that beautiful girls come from the east because she is from BENONI. We at viralmula guess baldheaded girls do rock!!


14. Lalla Hirayama

This Japanese-born south African slay mama is a television presenter, actress, dancer, and model. She is surely a perfect example of the proverbial jack of all trades and she is definitely a master of them all. She is also the hostess of the Vuzu shows Master of Rhythm and VEntertainment.

13. Moneoa

This Xhosa damsel got into the limelight after she was featured on ‘Take it easy’ a ShugarSmax ft Sliqour song.
Since then she has been a moving train with her serene voice and sexy body, the sky is the limit for this south African slay mama.


12. Lerato Kganyago

Mzansifun boys, this one is for Y’all. Lerato Kganyago is the former Miss Soweto and she also hosts the famous LKG show on SowetoTv. Starting from the bottom and now hitting the top with her Tv show on SABC1. Lerato is an example of dark beauty and a hard worker and she is never shy or afraid to make a fashion statement.


11. Jeannie D

A white beauty for the mzansi boys. We are all familiar with her travel series on Top travel. We always love seeing her beautiful on the SABC show called ‘Afternoon Express’ and we never miss her lovely voice on the good hope FM radio. Mzansi girls and boys, I guess she is just getting started.


10. Jo-Ann Straus

She makes the mzansi boys drool all day when they see her beautiful face on Tv. We all love a slay mama who does it all. She models gives public speeches, and is also a businesswoman to top it all. Her representation of SA in the Miss Universe pageant in 2001 is still fresh in our memories.


9. Pearl Thusi

She came to the limelight from her role on Zone14. She sports a natural afro that makes mzansi south African guys go wild. She has a banging body to top that and is quite popular on social media


8 . Lee Ann Liebenberg

The slay mama was born in Roodepoort, Gauteng. In 2005, she was named the sexiest south African woman alive by FHN. She also graced the face of Maxim South African Edition in 2013. Chillax mzansi people, cannot categorically tell you if she is single or not


7. Nomzamo Mbatha

This slay mama is an actress, Tv personality, and an accountant, can u beat that?. This slay queen has got brains.
She first came to the limelight in Mzansi Magic telenovela-turned-soap-opera isiBaya in 2013.


6. Nandi Mngoma

The petite slay queen looks so good with her low-cut hair. Not only is she beautiful, but she also has a music career to top it. It was such good news to mzansi guys when we found out we won’t only be seeing her on our Tv screens but also be rocking to her sweet voice on our radio/iPhones.


5. Bonang Matheba

This slay queen practically rules the slay mama section in south African social media. She is no stranger to the mzansi boys. She has an eccentric personality, a sweet voice, and disarming smile, and is also a brand ambassador for Revlon Cosmetics South Africa.


4. Candice Boucher

This slay mama rocks a banging body that will take most black girls for a ride. She has beautiful eyes that will make mzansi guys go crazy with excitement. She also has a rich velvety voice that will make you think twice about having a bad day.


3. Amanda Du Pont

The Swazi-born slay mama is an actress, model, and Tv personality. She came to the limelight playing the role of Thabisile Dlamini on SABC2’s soap opera ‘Muvahango’.


2. Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo

Boity Thulo or bootiful as fondly called by mzansi boys is the darling of south African social media with a large following on Facebook ,Twitter, and Instagram.
She is never shy of airing her views on diverse discussions/topics. She is the slay mama other slay mama’s look up to and we have much love for her here at
Keep it up Boity!!!


1 Minnie Dlamini

Just take a look at her and tell me you are not awed by this beautiful south African slay mama. This KwaZulu-Natal born south African actress and Tv presenter have been hitting it right since she made her way into our Tv screens and there is no stopping her.
I am sure mzansi boys will agree with us at when we say she is NUMERO UNO in the slay mama game.

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