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Wendy Williams Reacts To Ex-BF Statement About Their Former Relationship – Viralmula.com



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Previously today, it’s been reported that

Wendy Williams   and her brand-new boo apparently separated according to the most recent reports originating from The Shade Space. Have a look at the most recent reports that TSR exposed.

Wendy Williams Talks About Understanding About Kevin Hunter’s Double Life: ‘I Can Take A Lot However I’m Not Raising A Household’

‘Given that completing her divorce, #WendyWilliams has actually been to here zippin’ and zoin’ it with the gentlemen! After her last entanglement with a more youthful male, Wendy discovered a brand-new boo through the dating search on her program, however it looks they have actually called it gives up currently,’ TSR notes.

TSR continued and stated: ‘Wendy exposed that #MikeEsterman was the secret male who won her heart as part of her “Date Wendy” section back in March. Wendy published a picture with Mike, all boo had actually up and masked up, and stated he is a “REAL gentleman”. Mike, nevertheless, just recently informed @PageSix that they “drifted apart”.’

Now, TSR returns with Wendy’s reaction to all of this.

Wendy Williams is The Queen Of Shade With This Current Post

‘Today Wendy attended to the matter throughout her “Hot Topics” section and stated they were never ever sweetheart and sweetheart, and geographically they are too far apart since he’s in Maryland, while she’s in New York City City. (📹: @wendyshow).’ TSR notes.

Somebody stated: ‘…Why don’t y’all simply settle it like 2 grown males on the basketball court then Mr.Wendell?’

A commenter stated: ‘Lmfao Maryland and NY are by each other tf she implies geographically 💀💀,’ and another person stated: ‘Wendy why you lying , Maryland to New York City is a 3 1/2 hour trip I reside in the DMV, simply state he ain’t desire you fr.’

Another fan posetd this: ‘Why her hair constantly looking bad outside the program 🥴me and my buddies don’t like that,’ and another commenter published this: ‘U make money to be unpleasant and have the audacity to call someone childish go to hell Wendy 🙄’

Somebody else stated: ‘Something about it, you can’t state Wendy don’t speak about everyone. She toss her own self under the bus 😂’, and another commenter published this: ‘It’s so amusing how individuals in the remarks get mad at Wendy while y’all do the very same thing she does. She simply paid to do it!’

Stay tuned for more news.


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Sen. Tom Cotton Complains About People Leaving the Military Over Diversity Training Yet Repeatedly Cuts Off Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as He Attempts to Provide Context




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Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas was repeatedly interrupted Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Thursday as the retired four-star general attempted to provide context about the racial issues in the armed forces during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the defense budget.

Amid the Pentagon’s efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the military, Cotton took the opportunity derail the purpose of the hearing to complain that anti-bias initiative have caused some members of the military to leave.

He and Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas, previously launched a web portal where “whistleblowers” can report instances of “woke ideology” in the military.

According to Cotton, a Marine reported that a military history training session was replaced with “mandatory training on police brutality, white privilege and systemic racism” which prompted multiple officers to leave the unit.

Cotton claimed in another unit service members claimed the were required to read “White Fragility,” which from which Cotton quoted “white people raised in western society are conditioned into a white supremacist worldview.”

Other service members on the portal alleged they were being taught that the U.S. special operations community is racist, while another reported he had been told by a general that the entire Army is racist.

In other cases, soldiers performed activities related to privilege where service members were separated based on race and gender, while some said they were force to watch videos that “rewrite America’s history as a fundamentally racist and evil nation.”

“Mr. secretary, we’re hearing reports of plummeting morale, mistrust between the races and sexes where none existed just six months ago and unexpected retirements and separations based on these trainings alone. … These are the words of the your own troops,” Cotton said, directing his comments to Austin.

Sen. Tom Cotton and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin engaged in a back-and-forth over racial issues in the military during a Thursday Senate hearing. (Photo: Eric Dolan/ YouTube screenshot)

Austin, the first Black secretary of defense, was appointed to run the Pentagon by President Joe Biden in December.

“If confirmed, I will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault, to rid our ranks of racists and extremists, and to create a climate where everyone fit and willing has the opportunity to serve this country with dignity,” Austin said at his January confirmation hearing. In February, he announced the U.S. armed forces would be conducting stand-downs over 60 days to tackle right-wing extremism in the ranks.

“Mr. Secretary do you believe that our military is a fundamentally racist organization?” Yes or no, please,” Cotton asked Austin on Thursday.

“Well, I won’t give you a yes or no answer on that, senator, because it deserves more than a yes or no,” Austin said. “The military, like any organization, will have its challenges, but I do not believe it is a fundamentally racist organization.”

Austin appeared to be continuing to elaborate on his response when Cotton interjected, cutting the secretary off.

“I’m sorry to cut you off, because our time is limited,” Cotton said. “I think it is a pretty simple question, I’m glad that you agree it is not fundamentally racist. Do you believe any member of the military should be treated differently base on their skin color and sex?” Cotton asked. “Again, yes or no will do.”

“Again, this question deserves more than a yes or no answer,” Austin said before Cotton interrupted again, citing limited time.

Austin replied that service members shouldn’t be treated differently based on race or sex, explaining that that’s the very reason why there is an emphasis on diversity training in the military.

After Cotton questioned Austin further about his views on the work of writers like Ibram Kendi, who wrote the book “How to Be Anti-Racist,” and asked whether qualifications or factors like race and gender should determine how people are selected to military senior positions, the secretary doubled down on his convictions.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion is important to this military now and it will be important in the future. We’re going to make sure that our military looks like America and that our leadership looks like what’s in the ranks of the military.”

Before his time expired, Cotton said his concerns aren’t about diversity, but about a “specific kind of anti-American indoctrination that is seeping into some parts of our military.”

Democratic Senator Tim Kaine gave Austin the opportunity to elaborate on what his experience in the military has been like after he was unable to provide context on his thoughts when Cotton interrupted him earlier.

Austin responded by explaining that the military could do a better job of being “absolutely inclusive” and making sure that there are pathways for everyone fit to serve to reach their full potential in the ranks.

“And so that’s what diversity, equity and inclusion is all about. It’s about cohesion. It’s about making sure that we remain the most effective and lethal fighting force in the world and we have been in the past and we will be in the future,” Austin said.

‘Yes or No Will Do’: Sen. Tom Cotton Complains About People Leaving the Military Over Diversity Training Yet Repeatedly Cuts Off Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as He Attempts to Provide Context

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Gladys Knight Provides Backup Vocals for Hubby’s New Country Song – Viralmula.com




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Gladys Knight is doing something she most likely hasn’t done a great deal of throughout her profession — which’s taking the rear seat on a ditty … which is precisely what she did for her husband.

Have a look at this video that Gladys assisted produce for her spouse of twenty years, William McDowell, who’s obviously diving into the c and w scene … and making a splash with his very first offering called “Country Water” — which is everything about homegrown moonshine!

View it for yourself … it’s quite damn appealing, as Will takes lead singing responsibilities — and his renowned better half really backs him up. Seems like she makes a cameo on the chorus.

We’re speaking with individuals near to GK that this video was really shot on her and Will’s home in North Carolina — which it was developed throughout the pandemic. We’re informed Gladys shocked Will by getting it made … and we gotta state, it looks (and sounds) fantastic.

Will — who wed Gladys in 2001, and is a tremendous 14 years more youthful than her too — may seriously have a possible recording profession on his hands if he wishes to pursue this any even more. And, who much better to assist him than the one and just?!?

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David Adefeso Reveals How Student Loans Can Be Forgiven – Viralmula.com




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David Adefeso reveals to his fans and fans how student loans can be forgiven. Have a look at his clip listed below.

‘Yes!! You can get your student loans forgiven The majority of people get approved for some kind of loan forgiveness, however numerous never ever make the effort to do the research study and use. In this video, I note the lots of federal programs offered and reveal you where to go to get them.  So get your pen and paper and take the initial step to a better, debt-free life [Sorry for the sometimes choppy video — I taped this while on vacation in a remote tropical island with super spotty Wi-Fi]’ David stated.

David Adefeso States That The Children Of America Had A Terrific Day – See What’s This Everything about

Somebody published this: ‘Love this❤️❤️ thanks for all the terrific details. Everybody with a student loan need to enjoy this!!’

One fan stated: ‘David I find out a lot from your page. My advocacy is constantly reset, revitalize, restored and regrowed with your material.❤️’ and a commenter posyted this message: ‘He’ll conserve you YEARS OF AGGRAVATION and prevent pricey monetary problems!!!! You’re incredible David!!!!’

Tamar Braxton’s BF, David Adefeso Is Operating To Assist Millions Of Children Avoid Student Loans

Another person stated: ‘Wow, such terrific details. Thank you. Might God continue to bless you.’

A fan stated: ‘My cousin had the ability to get his moms and dad loan released since of his special needs and unable to work. He had no concept that this was a thing. The good service associate notified him. She stated, “If people(student loan reps) would take the time and listen people can be helped.”

Somebody composed: ‘David thank you for this practical details!! 2 of my good friends had their loans dismissed since they both have an impairment. I want I might in some way get mine dismissed. Exists any news about Biden forgiving a part of student loans?’

David Adefeso   is applauding an unrecognized hero on his social networks account. Have a look at his message.

‘A lot of unrecognized heroes live within and around us👏🏽👏🏽So pleased with both Gloria Walker and Dustin Vitale (@dvitale23)❤️❤️“Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you”Exodus 20:12,’ David stated.

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