Marilyn Manson Admitted To Murder Plot In , “She Had To Die -

Marilyn Manson Admitted To Murder Plot In , “She Had To Die

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Increasingly more allegations are coming out versus rockstar, Marilyn Manson, and now an appearance back at his autobiography has actually exposed that he really admitted to having ideas about rape and murder plots.

Manson who has actually been visited his label after his exes made stunning allegations today, likewise made various admissions in his 1999 autobiography, “The Long Hard Road Out of Hell.”

In the book, he spoke about coming close to killing a previous fan and bandmate, prior to giving up.

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“This was the first time I had ever seriously considered murder. … She had to die,” composed Manson, aka Brian Warner.

“While I didn’t think it was right to take a human life, I didn’t think it was right to deny myself the chance of causing someone to die either, especially someone whose existence meant so little to the world and to herself,” he composed. “At the time, taking someone’s life seemed like a necessary growing and learning experience, like losing your virginity or having a child.”

According to Page Six, his worry of arrest ultimately hindered him,

“After that night, I became too paranoid to kill Nancy, too scared of getting caught and sent to prison,” he composed. “I woke up to the fact that I had told too many people of my hatred for her, and even the best plan … wasn’t good enough to protect us from chance events like passing police cars.”

Manson has actually rejected the current abuse claims.

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