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Jhené Aiko Reveals Her Top 5 Rappers and Singers – Smash Block TV

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Who’s in Jhené Aiko’s top 5?

The Grammy-nominated songstress is exposing the rappers and singers who affected her most as an artist. Consulting With DJ Khaled on his Amazon Music podcast “The First One,” Jhené shared her preferred MCs.

“Don’t do this me,” an anxious Jhené informed Khaled prior to noting her top 5, beginning with her idol Tupac Shakur.

Jhené has actually commemorated the West Coast icon prior to throughout her live programs including her (*5*) for Rap-Up in 2013.

Her top 5 rappers likewise consists of another late legend, The Well-known B.I.G., plus JAY-Z, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg.

In Addition, Jhené commemorated the voices that motivated her. Her list of top 5 singers consists of Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Sade, and Brandy, who she worked together with on “Ascension” for her 2015 album Journey.

“You are and will always be my favorite singer,” Jhené informed Brandy in 2017.

Throughout her interview with Khaled, Jhené likewise opened about working together with Drake on “July” for her 2011 mixtape, Cruising Soul(s). “I was always a fan,” stated Jhené, whose preferred Drake album is Absolutely Nothing Was the Very Same.

The conversation likewise relied on her relationship with partner Huge Sean. “When I first met Sean, the one thing I can say is he immediately felt familiar, like I knew him already and I was comfortable with him immediately because he just came into my session at No I.D.’s studio and I had never felt that feeling of like, I’ve met you before,” stated Jhené. “Our friendship is really strong so that has made our relationship what it is, just that foundation of real friends who really know each other on that level.”

Jhené, who is chosen for 3 Grammys at this year’s awards, likewise exposed the 2 artists that are on her desire list of partners, Frank Ocean and Justin Bieber.

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