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Pigeon’s life will be spared in Australia due to fake leg band

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Joe the pigeon is off the hook in Australia.

It ends up the bird — which had actually been stated a biosecurity danger after authorities thought it had actually gotten here from the United States – was using a fake leg band, according to The Associated Press.

The band recommended the bird, which was discovered in a Melbourne yard on Dec. 2, was a racing pigeon that had actually gotten away from Oregon 2 months previously.

Australian’s Agriculture Department, which deals with biosecurity, on Thursday stated it thought about the bird an illness danger and prepared to eliminate it.

But Deone Roberts, sport advancement supervisor for the Oklahoma-based American Racing Pigeon Union, stated on Friday that band number belongs to a blue bar pigeon in the United States.

“The bird band in Australia is counterfeit and not traceable,” Roberts stated. “They do not need to kill him.”

Authorities Down Under concurred.

“Following an investigation, the department has concluded that Joe the Pigeon is highly likely to be Australian and does not present a biosecurity risk,” the Agriculture Department stated in a declaration, including that it will take no additional action.

Before the reprieve was revealed, acting Australian Prime Minister Michael McCormack stated there would be no grace if Joe was from the United States.

“If Joe has come in a way that has not met our strict biosecurity measures, then bad luck Joe, either fly home or face the consequences,” McCormack stated.

A pigeon thought to be from the US stands on a rooftop in Melbourne, Australia.
‘Joe’ the pigeon idea to be from the United States is obviously Australian after all.

Victoria Health Minister Martin Foley had actually required the federal government to spare the bird even if it positioned an illness danger.

“I would urge the Commonwealth’s quarantine officials to show a little bit of compassion,” he stated.

Melbourne homeowner Kevin Celli-Bird, who discovered the emaciated bird in his yard, was eased that his feathered good friend will not be eliminated.

“I thought this is just a feel-good story and now you guys want to put this pigeon away and I thought it’s not on, you know, you can’t do that, there has got to be other options,” Celli-Bird stated of the risk to euthanize.

The bird with the genuine leg band had actually vanished from a 350-mile race in Oregon on Oct. 29, Crooked River Challenge owner Lucas Cramer stated.

“That bird didn’t finish the race series, it didn’t make any money and so it’s worthless, really,” Cramer stated.

The blue tag worn by the pigeon confused officials as to the true identity of the bird.
The blue tag used by the pigeon puzzled authorities as to the real identity of the bird.
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Lars Scott, of Pigeon Rescue Melbourne, stated pigeons with United States leg bands were not unusual around the city, where a variety of breeders purchased them online and utilized them for their own record keeping.

Celli-Bird stated about Joe, whom he called after the president-elect: “I might have to change him to Aussie Joe, but he’s just the same pigeon.”

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