Microsoft “Chat Bots” Patent For The Deceased Compared To “Black Mirror” Episode -

Microsoft “Chat Bots” Patent For The Deceased Compared To “Black Mirror” Episode

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Microsoft just recently submitted a patent that would “allow” them to bring deceased individuals back from the dead utilizing their “images, voice data, social media posts, electronic messages [and] written letters” to develop a brand-new, and what’s more active, user profile for the deceased. While the patent might technically be utilized for a range of various applications, a voice typeface might be created in order to develop a chatbot. This would permit users to “talk” to their member of the family or good friends who are dead in a reasonable method. 

In potentially much more frightening news, a 3D design of an individual might even be created by utilizing things like measurements, depth, and pictures. The patent even keeps in mind that the profile might represent oneself, implying that there is a possibility for you to train a digital variation of yourself prior to you pass away. Microsoft’s patent does state that topics might be either dead or alive, however individuals fasted to focus on the previous.

More particularly, users referenced the Black Mirror episode entitled “Be Right Back”, which follows a lady who purchases a realistic robotic of her partner after he all of a sudden dies. 


Maybe Black Mirror was right the whole time. Let us understand your ideas about this brand-new Microsoft patent in the remarks. 


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