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Pookie Loc’s Son Addresses Why He Spoke Out On The Gucci Mane Jezzy Verzuz

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Pookie Loc’s son  Quint “Leftside” Ross was not happy with how his dad’s memory was treated during the Jeezy-Gucci Mane Verzuz and he made that clear, saying f*ck both Gucci and Jeezy

Gucci spent the run-up to the battle reminding Jeezy how he killed his guy Pookie and then got off on self-defense.

Mane also played “Truth”, his diss track that addressed the death of Pookie, during the Verzuz and added that he was “We smokin’ on Pookie Loc tonight.”  In response, Jeezy made a plea for unity.

Ross got on Facebook yesterday and defended jumping in.

“I’m doing hella views. These folks chompin’ at me hard. Say I’m clout-chasing and all that. Folk done lost they rabbit-ass mind out here, man, just saying. They say I’m a little bit too loud. I told them come pipe me down. Why the hell I gotta chase the clout if I’m just trying defend my daddy name? That man said he smoking on my daddy. What? The f*ck wrong with y’all weird-ass n*ggas? If it was one of y’all people that passed away, a bitch say they smokin’ on y’all shit, ya feel me? Y’all woulda goddamn got upset, too, and said something. It ain’t alright. I’m getting death threats. All type of sh*t, cuz.”




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