Gabrielle Union Shares a Hilarious Video of Her Daughter's Infamous Facial Expression -

Gabrielle Union Shares a Hilarious Video of Her Daughter’s Infamous Facial Expression

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It’s no secret that Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade, is the queen of facial expressions, and on Thanksgiving she proved again why she holds the title.

On Thursday, Nov. 26, Gabrielle Union uploaded a short clip of herself calling her daughter by her nickname, “Kav,” to get her to look at the camera. But as she called her name an unidentified hand came from the right side and wiped the 2-year-old’s face, prompting her to scrunch up her eyebrows in her infamous facial expression.

Gabrielle Union with daughter Kaavia James. (Photo: @gabunion/Insagram)

Union hilariously captioned the video “The. Nerve. GRATEFUL.”Fans and other celebrities laughed about the moment in the comments section.

A number of them wrote about how Kaavia is always reflecting the perfect mood on her face.

“Love and Hip Hop: New York” star JuJu wrote, “Always a mood.”

Social media personality Jessie Woo added, “She’s really never here for it. A constant mood.”

One person even began guessing what Kaavia’s personality would be like when she gets older, based on her many expressions that have been shared on social media.

She wrote, “This baby don’t like nothing. She is definitely gonna be the ‘tell it like it is’ friend.”

Even funnier were the fans that wrote comments about what they believed Kaavia would say if she could talk.

One fan wrote, “Don’t touch me with that cheap fabric.”

Another commented, “She’s like ‘wipe your own damn face.’”

A third person said, “She was like ‘whatchu wet that wit??!?’”

Wade and Union, especially, both seem to have come to accept Kaavia’s funny attitude. Union also created a separate Instagram page for her daughter, where she uploads pictures of her and adds funny captions that she believes portray her daughter’s thoughts. Additionally, the married couple started the hashtag “ShadyBaby” in honor of the baby’s relatable and memeable facial expressions.

‘This Baby Don’t Like Nothing’: Gabrielle Union Shares a Hilarious Video of Her Daughter’s Infamous Facial Expression