Fans Call Out Nene Leakes Nearly Unrecognizable Appearance In Selfie -

Fans Call Out Nene Leakes Nearly Unrecognizable Appearance In Selfie

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When former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Nene Leakes shared a selfie and a message of vulnerability recently, she probably didn’t realize the Internet would repay her with gibes and confusion.

In the Nov. 25 post, the 52-year-old TV personality sits in a car while serving face with straight blond hair and a soft pink lip. “I haven’t slept well lately! Kinda in a daze,” she wrote on the image. “Sometimes when you’ve been thru truma it’s hard to sleep!”

Photo: @neneleakes/InstagramWhile she didn’t give any insight into what trauma she’s been dealing with specifically, it’s no secret that Leakes has faced her share of trials and tribulations over recent years. Standing by her husband, Gregg Leakes, as he battled colon cancer in 2018, never-ending feuds on “RHOA,” and, more recently, her departure from the show and working on figuring out a new direction for her career are just a few of the possible contributing factors to her internal struggles.

If the post was Nene trying to open up, fans shut her right back down, however, when they zeroed in on her looks. Leakes’ “different” appearance, more specifically her eyebrows, threw fans for a loop, and they wasted no time making their feelings known in the comments.

“She be looking different like every time..,” stated a follower.

“Why her eyebrows gotta be that big?” a second wondered.

“She changes faces so much 😒,” a third noted.

“who is this?” asked a fourth confused fan.

“Those brows are distracting,” commented a fifth.

If that weren’t enough, followers also had plenty of jokes about Leakes’ spelling error in her caption.

“Truma be gettin me too gworl,” one joked.

“Never experienced ‘truma’,” said another.

“Girl what is truma,” a fan wondered.

Leakes has been staying busy, recently announcing her restaurant venture The Linnethia Lounge and preparing for the debut of her next project The Read Session. While there’s no release information at the time of this writing, the project is described as a “live reading blog.”

‘Why Her Eyebrows Gotta be That Big?’: Fans Call Out Nene Leakes Nearly Unrecognizable Appearance In Selfie