Donald Trump Mangles Lil Pump's Name During Rally -

Donald Trump Mangles Lil Pump’s Name During Rally

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The United States Presidential Election is today, and there is one thing we are sure of…

Donald Trump doesn’t know who Lil Pump is. 

Just days after Lil Wayne and other rappers came out to support Trump, Lil Pump was front and center at his pre-election rally in Michigan. 

According to Rich The Kid,  Trump and his team are paying rappers to attend and speak at his rally’s, and it’s quite possible Pump received a jet ride, cash, and a hotel room for his appearance. 

At one point during the rally, Trump asked Pump to come on stage and speak, and when he announced his name, Donnie called him “Lil Pimp,” instead of Lil Pump. 

The crowd cheered after Pump thanked the President for bringing the troops home, and lastly, he took a shot at “sleepy” Joe Biden.

Check the video out below.


At another rally yesterday, Trump called out JAY-Z for using the “F-word”.

Yet, he accepted an endorsement from a 20-year-old who he believed was named “Lil Pimp.”



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