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Porsha Williams Jokingly Attempts the ‘Deborah Cox Challenge’

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams had her 5.9 million followers dying of laughter on Monday after she participated in the Deborah Cox Instagram challenge.

Williams showed off her vocal skills or lack thereof on Oct. 5 as she tried to complete the vocal runs of Cox’s 1998 single “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here.” The “RHOA” star captioned the post, “Am I too late for this challenge lmaooooo 😂How tf @deborahcox is superHuman 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #JustJokes Watch our show tonight @bravochatroom.”

At the beginning of the video she starts her vocal notes on-key, but as she gets toward the chorus her voice begins to quaver. Some fans found the reality star’s failed effort quite entertaining, including Cox herself. She commented, “😂😂 Literally LOL. Ha!!”

Porsha Williams (left) and Deborah Cox (right). (Photos: @porsha4real/Instagram, @deborahcox/Instagram)

“I really thought she was about to do something 🤣🤣.”

“It’s the silent scream for me 😂🤣.”

But others thought the mother of one had potential.

“Lmaoooo. U know u can actually hit these notes! I’m gonna need u to do another take and show them that u really got this boo!”

“Funny thing is she did good in the beginning! Okay porsha vocals 🙌🏼.”

Williams is the latest celebrity to partake in this latest trend that has taken social media by storm. Other artists who have received the stamp of approval of Cox herself for their own renditions of Cox’s song include Keke Palmer, Melanie Fiona, and Queen Naija.

The “Deborah Cox Challenge,” where singers post their own renditions of the climax to Cox’s 1998 hit song, originally started on Sept. 21, according to TMZ, after an Instagram account called @theyhavetherange — which normally uses its page to showcase the great vocalists of all time — posted a clip of Cox singing the song and created the challenge in honor of the 22nd anniversary of the song’s release. They asked fans to commemorate the special moment and honor Cox “the right way” by trying to sing the ballad successfully.