Marjorie Harvey Shares a Cute Moment with Her Newest Granddaughter as She Sings to Her -

Marjorie Harvey Shares a Cute Moment with Her Newest Granddaughter as She Sings to Her

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Marjorie Harvey was having a sing-along movie day with her youngest granddaughter recently.

In an Oct. 3 Instagram video, Marjorie can be seen singing lyrics to a movie with her granddaughter sitting on her lap. Only half of Marjorie’s face is visible as she sits in her chair wearing what looks to be either a black V-neck shirt or a robe. Her newest granddaughter, Joey Iris Harvey, is looking somewhere between bright-eyed and sleepy as she watches the movie.

In the one-minute clip, the 55-year-old uses her hands expressively as she sings the song “You’re Welcome” along with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character Maui from the 2016 Disney movie “Moana.”

Marjorie Harvey’s youngest granddaughter Joey Iris Harvey. (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)Fans of Marjorie and Moana wrote, “real grandmas know ALL THE SONGS” and “Nana now all the song’s and joey so precious!!”

Others credited the grandmother of six as being the “Best grandma in the world.”

Another fan cheered her on writing “You go girl..way to dig in there with the kids. They will love it when you start to sing it out loud to them.”

Marjorie has been spending time with her granddaughter, since she was born. In July, Marjorie’s son, Jason Harvey, and his wife, Amanda Harvey, welcomed baby Joey as their fourth child and second daughter.  

In an Instagram video posted on July 2, Jason’s wife Amanda lets her youngest son, Ezra, hold his new baby sister. The video shows the couple’s other two kids, Rose and Noah, sitting on the bed watching their younger brother hold Joey. Ezra can be heard saying “baby” as he holds on to her, while Noah asks Amanda if he could see her tummy now that “the baby come out.”

As a caption for the video, Jason writes, “What more could you ask for? God is so good! (Praise break). Babygirl arrived safe, healthy, and the crew is ready to break her in lol. Welcome Joey Iris.”