Lil Yachty Bought Houses Next To Each Other Because He Didn't Want Neighbors -

Lil Yachty Bought Houses Next To Each Other Because He Didn’t Want Neighbors

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While some of us are struggling to afford and purchase one house, Lil Yachty is purchasing multiple houses. 

The Atlanta rapper recently bought a second house, and it’s the one right next to the house he already owns.

On a recent Instagram Live clip, Yachty is speaking with another man and reveals that he copped two cribs.

“This the point I’m making to all the small-time cats. It’s a different ballgame. It’s not the same arena, you feel me? It ain’t the—look bro, and we don’t do the whole, ‘Oh, rent on the first.’ We don’t do the whole, ‘I gotta pay on the first.’ Rent, whatever the case may be. I ain’t seen rent since, and this is my house! Like I own this house. And on the 28th, I actually bought a house next door.”

According to Yachty, he purchased both houses because he didn’t want any neighbors.

“I didn’t want no neighbors. I already got the contract.”



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