Blueface Explains Why He's Not voting -

Blueface Explains Why He’s Not voting

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There’s been a huge push from celebrities and politicians to get people to vote in November’s general election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. But it hasn’t worked on Blueface.

The Los Angeles rapper recently stopped by 92.3’s The Real Cruz Show and said he wouldn’t be casting a ballot next month.


“Hell nah,” the rapper said when asked if he’d be voting. “I ain’t in that stage of my life yet. Look at my face, you think they give a f*ck who I vote for?”

Many came down on Blueface afterward, with at least one person calling him an idiot.

Unlike the 23-year-old, many other rappers said they’d be voting next month, like Snoop Dogg who said he thought he couldn’t vote because of his felony record.

What are your thoughts on Blueface choosing not to vote?



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