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T.I. Says That Nick Cannon Shouldn’t Be canceled Despite Recent Comments

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T.I. Says That Nick Cannon Shouldn't Be canceled Despite Recent Comments


T.I. spoke about Nick Cannon during a recent stop at The Breakfast Club and said that he shouldn’t be canceled.

Nick offended many last week when he made disparaging remarks about white and Jewish people. His comments got him canned from ViacomCBS and Wild N Out. He eventually apologized for what he said about the Jewish community.  That saved his job at The Masked Singer, but he was criticized for saying sorry by people like Waka Flocka and Master P.

The way Tip sees it, Nick has done too much good in his career to be canceled, and people should cut him some slack. He spoke about the Drumline star at the 31:39 mark.

“First of all, let’s look at Nick Cannon’s career and his reputation,” said Tip. “Look at how many Black people he put in position and helped and got off of zero. Look at how time after time after time he’s made contributions to the culture. You gotta give him consideration … Fair and reasonable consideration. We must hold him accountable if necessary, but we can’t just discount and discard our people because don’t no one else do they people like that.”

“Why we expected to throw ours away when they make a mistake?” he added. “Whether you agree or disagree with the apology, you don’t use it to slander or villainize one of our national treasures. You just can’t do that. We as a people can’t afford to do that.”

Is Tip right or wrong?



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