Christian Rapper Lecrae Responds to Backlash After Appearing to Agree with Pastor's Comments Calling Slavery a 'White Blessing' -

Christian Rapper Lecrae Responds to Backlash After Appearing to Agree with Pastor’s Comments Calling Slavery a ‘White Blessing’

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Christian Rapper Lecrae Responds to Backlash After Appearing to Agree with Pastor's Comments Calling Slavery a 'White Blessing'

Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae has responded to the Twitter dragging he received over a recent interview in which Pastor Louie Giglio suggested that the term “white privilege” be replaced with “white blessing.”  

The rapper, born Lecrae Devaughn Moore, appeared with the Passion City Church leader and Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy during an online service on June 14 to have an open conversation about racism. That talk ended with Lecrae having to thank his fans for “acknowledging the pain and frustration” that they felt while watching the discussion and what initially was perceived as his subsequent agreement with Giglio.

Lecrae responds to pastor’s comments suggesting the term “white privilege” be replaced with “white blessing.”/Photo Credit: @Lecrae/Twitter

“First of all I want you to know I wasn’t okay with it,” he said in a video message he shared on Twitter. “Even as I sat there I was very uncomfortable and I was processing ‘What do I say in light of this?’ “

Lecrae went on to explain that he had two additional conversations with Giglio, one right after the discussion and another on June 15 to let him know his perspective on the comments.

During the original conversation on Sunday, June 14, Giglio broke down why he feels the term white privilege should instead be referred to as “white blessing.”

“I feel like on the inside of the church we’re fighting this historical context you talk about,” the Atlanta-based pastor began. “In other words, we love the blessing of the cross but we don’t love to sit in it and realize this is what God’s asking me to do, to die to myself, and live for him, whatever context that’s going to look like for me.“But I want to flip that upside down because I think the other side of it is true with our nation’s history.

His following statements are what caused the resulting backlash and overall rejection of his message.

“We understand the curse that was slavery; white people do, and we say ‘That was bad,’ but we miss the blessing of slavery. That it actually built up the framework for the world that white people live in and lived in,” he explained, speaking almost solely to Lecrae.

“And so a lot of people call this ‘white privilege’ and when you say those two words it just is like a fuse goes off for a lot of white people because they don’t want someone to tell them to check their privilege,” the pastor continued. “I know that you and I have both struggled in these days with ‘Hey, if the phrase is the trip up, let’s get over the phrase and let’s get down to the heart. Let’s get down to what do you then want to call it?’ and I think maybe a great thing for me, is to call it ‘white blessing.’ “

Lecrae peacefully protests to end racial injustice and police brutality./Photo Credit: @Lecrae/Instagram

As the video made its way across the internet, fans came down on Lecrae for his demeanor during the explanation and felt he immediately should have spoken against the pastor’s opinion as opposed to appearing to agree, only slightly nodding his head as Giglio spoke.

Pastor Giglio has since apologized for his use of the term as well, saying that “white privilege is real.”

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