Towanda Braxton Blasts David Adefeso: "He's A Loser Boy" -

Towanda Braxton Blasts David Adefeso: “He’s A Loser Boy”

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Towanda Braxton Addresses David Adefeso's Drama With Her Family

Towanda Braxton Addresses David Adefeso’s Drama With Her Family

David Adefeso is currently getting slammed by the Braxton sisters following his bitter split from Tamar Braxton. He was earlier called out by Toni Braxton for bringing her children into the picture.

The Nigerian businessman has since responded to Toni, saying he wishes the Braxton family nothing but the best and has moved on from this ordeal stronger.

Well, Tamar’s other sister, Towanda Braxton, has spoken out about Tamar’s ex, David Adefeso, and she says he’s gone too far. “Toni is OK. She’s just really pissed off at David, as we all are. We don’t appreciate or condone the way that he’s handling the situation,” Towanda said.

“It’s even deeper than you guys can even image… For Toni to even say something and post it on social media — because you know she never does anything like that — you know he’s gone way too far.”

“And like she said, you don’t involve the children. We don’t care what happens or how we may disagree or agree to disagree, you never involve the children.”

She continued, “David went over the line when it comes to that,” she continued. “I believe he is a loser boy. And if I’m calling somebody a loser boy, I mean it.”