Sauce Walka Says He Stopped Drinking Lean -

Sauce Walka Says He Stopped Drinking Lean

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Drinking lean has been something a lot of rappers have struggled with, but some have found the strength to quit. 

One rapper who has struggled with his lean addiction is Houston rapper Sauce Walka, who says he drank lean for seven years, at least 6-10 ounces every day.

Sauce Walka says that lean is “Liquid Heroin,” and that he is done with that lifestyle in a new social media post. 

He took to Instagram to show off his new healthier body, and let his fans know what it looks like on day 12 of being sober. 

Day 1 after 12 Days of #Withdrawls PAINNN & #Detox … From 7 consist years of drinking #Liquid HERION aka “ DRANK “ 🥤 nothin Less then a 6-10 ounces of daily direct consumption… Nearly a decade of Drug abuse & 5 million wasted dollars 💵 later!! THIS IS WHAT A RICH DOPEHEAD DUMMY LOOKS 👀 LIKE!!!! 30 million dollar former DopeFiend !! AN I WANT MY FANS HATERS & KINGZ TO KNOW AND BE INSPIRED! TODAY @sauce_walka102 is promethazine and codeine free for life and I hope yeah I’ll come with me ( FUCK DRANK ) #TheDrug but from a CULTURAL standpoint my weathering respects for it still stands!! SO I #DroppedTheBottle fuck kick a 🦵🏾CUP … I almost DIED 💀 IN MY DAUGHTERS FACE 👶 Killing #Myself SOMETHING U PUNKS WILL NEVA DO TO ME 🤷🏾‍♂️!!!! This is WHAT A REAL MAN IS !! One ☝️ who leads by his Triumphs and failures and shows that message transparently to the people that need!! This is a black KING 🤴🏾this is a GOD 🛐✝️.. to my people I love u 😘



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