Asian Woman Asks UK Black Man to Leave Elevator, Refuses to Allow Doors to Close -

Asian Woman Asks UK Black Man to Leave Elevator, Refuses to Allow Doors to Close

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London-based promoter Badguy Toba filmed his encounter with an Asian woman who refused to ride an elevator with him in what was apparently his apartment building and would not allow the elevator doors to close. In the footage, which has circulated across social media over the past several days, the woman asks Toba to leave the elevator and presses the alarm button multiple times.

“You are going to be famous today,” Toba said to the woman near the start of the video. The woman appears to be pressing a button on the elevator to keep the doors from closing while insisting that only one person is allowed in the lift at a time.

Toba said two people are permitted to be inside the elevator at a time and zoomed in toward a warning sign on the wall that confirms the two-person rule. “You can see it says two people,” Toba said.

Twitter user and an unidentified woman who apparently had no interest in sharing an elevator with him (Photos: Badguy Toba/Twitter screenshot)

“This is kidnapping, holding somebody without their f—ing will,” Toba said. “Let the lift go!”

“You have to go out,” the woman said after Toba asked her to explain herself. She then accused Toba of saying she has coronavirus.

“I said it? Now you want to put lies,” Toba responded. “You think if you had corona I would be in the lift with you. Continue lying.”

Next, the woman repeatedly pushed the alarm button, causing a siren to blare. Toba told the woman he would report her.

When another person stepped in the elevator, the woman stepped out of the lift. The two continued a verbal exchange until the video ended. “Oh, now you’re leaving? Thanks, bye,” Toba said.

Days later, Toba posted a second video on Twitter of the same woman inviting him into the elevator with her and another person.

“You are already famous, it’s too late,” Toba said. “I like how you invited me in,” he added. He ultimately declined the invitation, saying there were already two people in the elevator. Although it is not captured on the video, Toba said the woman threatened to call the police after she saw the he was recording on his phone.