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Kanye West Kicked Off Illinois Ballot

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Kanye West Kicked Off Illinois Ballot


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Things are not looking good for Kanye West and his presidential run, and this comes after he tweeted out “The goal is to win.”

Rumors were floating around that President Donald Trump was helping Kanye get on the ballots, but Trump denied those claims, saying he likes Kanye and Kim very much, but he’s not helping him. 

Whether Trump was helping them or not, he would most likely not admit it, but he may actually be telling the truth. Earlier today, the Illinois ballots said more than half of Kanye’s submitted signatures are invalid, and he’s off the ballot.

Apparently, a lot of media hype triggered a review from the State Board of Elections, and they reviewed Kanye’s 3,128 signatures on his documents and found that 1,928 were ruled invalid, which leaves him below the minimum of 2,500 to be included on the ballot. 

Even with the bad news, Kanye still seems in good spirits. 




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