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Dwyane Wade’s Caption Derails Funny Video With Wife Gabrielle Union

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Dwyane Wade's Caption Derails Funny Video With Wife Gabrielle Union


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Dwyane Wade probably didn’t mean to stunt on all of his followers when he shared a cute and funny video with wife Gabrielle Union, but stunt he did.

The retired 38-year-old Miami Heat guard filmed his actress wife as she sashayed down a hallway-runway in an orange bubble dress and open-toe heels. Mid-strut, Wade scurried across the screen and made his unintentional flex in the captions.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade model quarantine chic looks./Photo Credit: @gabunion/Instagram“😂😂😂 That’s the walk when it’s only one bathroom in your hotel room,” read his caption which, judging by his laughing emojis, was supposed to be a joke, but in actuality it opened his followers’ eyes to the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Wade’s fans were tickled, confused and awestruck by the realization that there are hotel rooms and suites with not just one, but multiple bathrooms.

“There are Hotel rooms with more than 1 bathroom?,” one follower asked.

“Rich people on another level 😂😂🤣,” wrote a second.

“Wait, there’s hotel rooms that have more than one bathroom in them… Wish I knew that type of money,” a third expressed.

“There are hotel suites with TWO bathrooms? 🔥” a fourth surprised fan questioned.

“People get hotel rooms with more than one bathroom? Ooooo I just found out I’m poor,” pointed out a fifth.

The couple, married now since 2014, has been using their self-isolation time throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to further tighten their bond. “You know, we’re getting used to each other,” she said of the extra time she gets to spend with her husband these days. “And we’re actually getting to know each other. And that takes some time.”

Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, and their daughter Kaavia model are cute and comfy at home./ Photo Credit: @gabunion/InstagramCreating fun moments is definitely one of the pair’s favorite things to do, a trend they’ve gotten creative with continuing during current times. Union’s cousin, rapper Saweetie, joined the Wades for an outdoor get-together over the weekend. Saweetie’s boyfriend, Migos rapper Quavo, was there as well along with Dwyane’s older kids Zaire, 18, and Zaya, 13, for an evening of pool lounging and good conversations.


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