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50 Cent Updates Floyd Mayweather Beef with New Diss

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50 Cent Updates Floyd Mayweather Beef with New Diss


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It’s hard to keep track of all the beefs 50 Cent has been involved in, but it’s probably easy for most to remember that he’s had longtime beefs with Ja Rule and Floyd Mayweather.

It seemed that tensions between the rapper and fighter were starting to diminish when Fif posted a positive message about Floyd’s uncle Roger Mayweather dying.

But based on a new message that the G-Unit honcho sent to Floyd, it’s clear the beef is still all the way on. 

The boxing champ gave an interview to The Sun recently and broke down how his beef with 50 began, which has to do with business. 

“You can’t hang out with me every day for years then all of a sudden if I don’t give you half of my company you’re like ‘you’re dumb, you’re stupid, you can’t do this and you can’t do that,'” said Floyd about how the beef began. “But if I can’t do all these things, why are you hanging around with me? That’s all I’m trying to add. If I’m such a person that doesn’t know certain things, and I’m not that sharp, why you want to be around with me every day?”

Floyd’s interview clearly bothered the “In Da Club” rapper, so he sent him a scathing Instagram message, today, August 7th.

“I’m not the marketing campaign champ, keep my name out your mouth,” he shot back. “Damn somebody read this for champ i don’t f*ck wit you, you don’t f*ck wit me. OK 😆.”



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