Yung Joc’s Instagram Post Derails After Fans Poke Fun at His New Hairdo -

Yung Joc’s Instagram Post Derails After Fans Poke Fun at His New Hairdo

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Yung Joc’s Instagram Post Derails After Fans Poke Fun at His New Hairdo



Rapper and reality star Yung Joc has had some pretty unique hair choices in the past, from braids to updos to side bangs. However, it seems his latest hairstyle isn’t sitting too well with his fans. 

In an Instagram TV post shared on his IG account on Friday, July 17, the “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” star appeared to be listening to a playback of a radio show segment when he was spotted rocking a new blond low afro. “Is that piss on the toilet seat?” the rapper captioned the clip, tagging multiple profiles along with the post. 

Fans wasted zero time voicing their opinions on Joc’s new hairdo in the comments section of the video, which has gained over 35,000 views. One fan asked the rapper when will he let go of the crazy hairstyles.

“Joc I love u man but when r you going, let your age define you and not those hair colors,” the fan wrote. The “Coffee Shop” rapper replied, “Baby, my age has nothing to do with the way I express myself… It’s just hair.” He added, “You looking like my Gma with Blonde micros, but I love you for you, not the color of your hair. I’m too real for most you, and y’all just don’t get it cause your level of comprehension isn’t up to speed just yet.”

Yung Joe replies to fans who aren’t too happy with his new hairdo. (@joclive/Instagram)Another fan wrote, “Thought you were a Golden Lord from Meteor man.” While another chimed in, “He look like that auntie at the bbq that smokes cigarettes and gossip about everybody.”

Despite how silly some may have thought Joc looked with his blond hair color, not all love was lost. Many fans came to the defense of the rapper and praised him for his outward confidence. One fan wrote, “People wanna be relevant so bad that’s why they stay hating instead of just simply being nice or not saying anything at all.” They added, “They say anything to get a response from @joclive. They just mad kuz of how successful you really are! Period. [red emoji heart].”

Another user replied, “I love how you express your individuality and creativity through your hair (and other outlets) without worry about people’s opinions!” She added, “You don’t let fame define you as you’re humble enough to even do a uber not need to but also not caring. You and Kendra are by far my favorite power couple! ”

Regardless of the critics, Joc was seemingly unbothered by the comments.