WATCH VIDEO - Lil Yachty Denies Being Broke: 'That's Cap My Haters Are Lame!!' -

WATCH VIDEO – Lil Yachty Denies Being Broke: ‘That’s Cap My Haters Are Lame!!’

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Lil Yachty has denied the rumours going around that he is broke following a recent jewellery lawsuit hanging on his neck.

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Last month, a celebrity jeweller sued the rapper for breach of contract after allegedly receiving a bounced check for $70K. According to Bossip, Yachty reneged on paying Gunven’s Fine Jewellery over $200,000 for jewellery he had purchased.

“The crazy sh*t is any jeweler will tell you I don’t play around with my jewellery, bro. I woke up to a n*gga saying that I went… I can’t even say the B-word, bro,” he said via Instagram Live.

Yachty says he has receipts to prove that he paid for his items:

“I’ve paid Jon [Guven] over $900,000, and I got receipts because I don’t carry cash,” he explained. “I pay everything with credit and checks. So in the case that I wrote him a $70,000 check, first off, I don’t write checks. My momma writes checks. I never wrote that man a check ever in my life. My mother wrote him a check a year ago for something that she was doing out of her bank account. And she spelled his name wrong on the check.”


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#lilyachty explains the situation with jeweler. He plays to take legal actions & says he’s not broke. (SWIPE)

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