Steve Harvey's Daughter Lori Is Pregnant - P Diddy Proudly Rubs Her Belly!! (Pics) -

Steve Harvey’s Daughter Lori Is Pregnant – P Diddy Proudly Rubs Her Belly!! (Pics)

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Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori Harvey is  pregnant according to new happenings on social media.

Lori Harvey and her much much much older boo P Diddy were rumoured to have broken up about two weeks ago. But  As we all know how this things go  the two are DEFINITELY together NOW.

A dare devil paparazzi caught the two lovebirds on camera  the couple are on vacation in Mexico, and P Diddy was specifically seen  proudly rubbing Lori’s belly.

And that belly rub got the pregnancy rumours going into overdrive on social media.

Well It’s not just the belly rub that raised the interest of people on social media. Recently Lori’s body  is changing. In a picture that she posted on social media last week, Steve’s daughter appeared to have larger breasts.

When the pics of her bigger looking breast leaked many thought she had breast augmentation surgery. Many followers on social media also thought that Lori might have had a boob job and that was the reason for the larger breast size. But, as you all know, increased breast size is also an early symptom of pregnancy.

Here are the images of the belly rub, that has people going crazy on social media:

And here are the pics of Lori’s “new” breasts:


Compared to her old ones:

Steve Harvey's daughter Lori Harvey is  pregnant

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