REVENGE!! - Black Man Sleeps With Racist Troll's 'Girlfriend' & Livestreams It!! (Video) -

REVENGE!! – Black Man Sleeps With Racist Troll’s ‘Girlfriend’ & Livestreams It!! (Video)

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Neil DePriest (@neildepriest)

This is hands down the sweetest revenge you can ever pull on a racist , so the tea is that this video went viral on social media recently   – and the Story x Motive behind the video is the cause of the popularity of they video, many have already crowned it the best revenge ever Lol.


A man who is popularly known as a white supremacist on social media and  described by many as a serial  troll – got exposed in the most brutal albeit EPIC way ever. The troll, named Neil, reportedly made racist N-Worded remarks towards a Black man on social media.

Well, the Black man tracked down Neil no Cap – and found out that he had a girlfriend also white. Well According to reports circulating on social media, the Black man Promtly contacted Neil’s girlfriend – and sweet talked her into coming over to his apartment On the low lol.

Then the brother had sexual relations with the woman – and Livestreamed the hell out of it , dishing out to his fans in realtime. All with her apparent cooperation.

And the video is CRAZY.

After the video leaked – Neil was surprisingly forgiving. He claims that he and his girlfriend talked about it and have decided to remain together. He also posted on Instagram that he “forgives her” for stepping out on him.

He then shared that the two still plan on getting married:


Here are pics of Neil and his GF:

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Here is the video – Warning it is VERY Graphic

Alternate link to pics of Neil and his GF:

LINK TO FIRST PIC      Here is the video – Warning it is VERY Graphic



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