Hurricane Dorian Is Smuggling Bricks Of Cocaine To Florida Beaches (DETAILS)

hurricane dorian

Over a dozen bricks of premium cocaine allegedly washed up on two Florida beaches in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

According to the police on scene, 16 cocaine bricks found their way to the Florida beaches.

Police officials in Melbourne, Florida, said a couples basking on the sunny beach alerted them to the bricks near Paradise Beach Park. The officer said the package was “wrapped in the same format that is consistent with a kilo of illegal drugs,” CBS affiliate KYTX-TV reports.

After testing the wrapped packages, officers were able to confirm that what they did find , in fact, contain cocaine – but are still confused as to the origin of the package.

Hurricane Dorian hit almost all parts of Florida with strong bursts of winds and heavy rain. Dorian was still a strong Category 2 hurricane, but much weaker than it was a few days ago.

Nobody has come forward to lay ownership of the kilo of coco – and it’s unlikely that anybody will.

We have  all of those affected by Dorian in our prayers tho.


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