51 Year Old Man In Ashville Pushes And Then Knocks Out 12 Year Old Black Girl!


A 51-year-old White man was caught on video punching and knocking out a 12-year-old girl outside the Asheville Mall in Asheville, North Carolina.

The incident occurred yesterday, it is gathered by viralmula.com that as the man tried to break up an argument between a group of teenage girls. At one point – one of the girls – who weight less than 90 pounds pushed the 51-year-old giant.

The grown man – who is 6 foot 3 and weight more than 250 pounds punched the girl with all his strength. The man is now claiming “self-defense.”

The footage has gone rapidly viral for another reason – the vicious 51-year-old man is White and the 12-year-old victim is Black

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