Sink Hole Swallows Cars On Bida-Minna Expressway Niger State (VIRALMULA EXCLUSIVE)

Bida minna expressway

A major incident has occurred on the ever busy bida minna expressway as a sink hole which appeared on the peak hours of vehicular traffic and swallowed the cars and lorry’s untop with many people reported missing in the flood underneath.

It is gathered by that the point of the road the sink hole appeared sits untop a river an a bridge was created but as a result of the major rains of recent water found its way underneath the road which resulted in the sinkhole.

It is also gathered by that the nearby bridge which was repaired by the Niger state government in the tunes of millions of naira has also collapsed !

Check out images of the sad occurance below

Bida minna expressway Bida minna expressway Bida minna expressway


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