I see chaos and Nigeria can even disintegrate very soon – Sheikh Gunmi

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Sheikh Gunmi had this to say about a premonition he has about Nigerian co-existence he is quoted below by viralmula.com

“I see chaos and probably Nigeria can even disintegrate. And disintegration will be bad for Nigeria.
“If there’s disintegration of Nigeria, Southwest will be relatively stable, South East will be stable, but the North will be volatile.
“How can we contain Boko Haram in the North East? No way. How can we contain the problem of the herdsmen in the North? We cannot contain them.
“In fact, the little weight the Southwest and Southeast are adding to fight them is what is suppressing them but if the South West and Southeast leave us with them, we will just eat ourselves and you have a very volatile North and I do not think we will have peace there because the borders are not barb wired and there are so many inter marriages”
Nobody is in control of the North now. No northern politician has the clout to embrace everybody in the North. Everybody in the North is with his clique and that is a very dangerous situation for the country. If Nigeria disintegrate, the North will suffer for it


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