Nigerian Pilgrims Form A Long Queue To Get Free Food In Mecca

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The Long queue of nigerian pilgrims you see here is for food distribution ( two plates of rice, chicken, bottle water and milk). According to sources You need no means of identification to benefit from both lunch and dinner from the food truck sponsored by the saudi king.

Viralmula.Com gathered This happened this afternoon, it was repeated at night.
In America, unemployed youths are given stipends to meet up their basic needs; In Rome, Italy, education is free while in Nigeria, youths fend for their food, clothing, and education.

Viralmula.Com Also Gathered The reason why crime rate is low in Mecca is because food is not your responsibility but that of government. Once we can consciously design a program that will ensure vulnerable unemployed youths are fed even one course meal in Nigeria, crime rate will reduce drastically. Abi na lie?


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