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Future Slaps New Baby Mama With A Gag Order!! (SEE HER PICS)

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Baby Mama Eliza Reign


Future is fed up of his new baby mama Eliza Reign calling him out on social media so he headed to the courts to file for a gag order to stop her from talking crap about him publicly.

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Last week Eliza filed a paternity suit against Future and also requested child support for their  baby daughter. She also called Future out as a “deadbeat” and alleged that he made her head swell with  promises before taking off after she gave birth to her daughter.

Baby Mama Eliza Reign

Well Future strongly believes his name is being damaged unjustly by the recent outbursts /reports of Eliza’s case and the allegations she has made against him. In addition to calling him a deadbeat, she also claims that he tried to force her to have an abortion during her pregnancy.

Baby Mama Eliza Reign

“Eventually I found out I was pregnant and I let him know,” she wrote via Instagram.

“He obviously wasn’t happy about it but wasn’t very forceful strong about getting rid of it either. However, he asked me to have an abortion. I thought seriously about it but waited a few weeks.”

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