Useful Facts You Need To Know In This Battle For The Soul Of Nigeria -

Useful Facts You Need To Know In This Battle For The Soul Of Nigeria

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The Fulani have no powerful armies of their own. They have neither great numbers nor great physical strength. But they are masters of stealth, deception & manipulation. They rely on peoples of other ethnic groups to achieve their goals both in the battlefields and in politics.

They used the Hausa talakawa to topple the kings of the old Hausa states and subsequently relegated and subjugated them under the Emirates.

They used Kakanfo Afonja to gain a foothold in Ilorin and subsequently killed him, took over the area and subjugated the Yoruba and other ethnic groups there.

They used the strife among the diverse peoples of what is now Adamawa to defeat local chiefs and install Modibbo Adama as Emir. Thereafter, they sidelined and ruled over the people.

They used the infantrymen of the Middle Belt, the generals of the South West & Mid West, and the purchased loyalty of the South South to defeat Biafra and subsequently relegated them to second class citizens of “One Nigeria.”

More recently, they have used the political & media machinery of Bola Tinubu and the ACN to claw their way back to Aso Rock. You can see the way they have so far manipulated and rubbished VP Prof. Yemi Osibanjo who is the proxy of Bola Tinubu and ACN in Abuja. Ditto for Babatunde Fashola, Chris Ngige, Rochas Okorocha, Umahi, Fayemi, Godswill Akpabio and Audu
Ogbe. But there is good news. The Fulanis are not invincible. Wherever they meet a united and resolute force, they retreat and make peace. That’s what happened when they met the armies of the old Oyo Empire in Oshogbo and the Benin Empire in Afemai. They were similarly neutralized by the Kanuri and other peoples of the Bornu area who fought them to a standstill. Ditto with the Tivs, Idoma & Igala.

Today, they cannot succeed if the other interest groups in the country (North, West, East and South) join forces and resolutely put them in their place on all fronts – political, economic & military. The Fulani must accept their place as just one of Nigeria’s over 250 ethnic groups (not a super ethnic group) or be prepared to leave this union and space for good. We will no longer accept or tolerate their scheming and destabilising ways. In doing this we must watch out for Judases & collaborators among us and deal with them decisively. That is, those who will go through the back door to receive favors and sabotage the collective effort.

They are already here with us. Some of them are “highly placed” serfs in the federal government who for a plate of porridge accept to be used as fronts for un-progressive and unpopular programs like RUGA or look the other way. Others are governors, traditional rulers and opinion leaders who likewise receive money or positions & sell out or keep silent.

We the people of Nigeria are duty bound to identify, shame, isolate and neutralize all such people, their families and business interests by any means necessary. This is a struggle for the soul of Nigeria and the fate of our children and generations unborn.

Finally, a warning to current & would-be Fulani collaborators: The fate of Afonja awaits you. A terrible and shameful end. An ignoble place in history forever.

Anarchy Is Looming Over The Horizon


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