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Why Do Igbos Hate Buhari So Much? – Hausa Activist Mustapha Gembu

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Hausa Social Media Activist Posted This Today, He said he was confused because Obasanjo apparently did worse to the Igbo Race But He is Worshipped

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I am confuse why there is so much hatred for Buhari in the South – East.

He was just a platoon commander during the civil war with no record of any atrocity against the Biafrans. I even learnt he ordered his platoon not to kill anyone when he entered Onitsha.

People like Obasanjo, Danjuma etc who played leading role are adored by Biafrans. Growing, who was the commander in Chief is adored. Buhari’s offense against South – East is definitely not the civil war.

They usually talk about keeping Ekwueme in prison while Shagari was kept under house arrest but the same Buhari attempted to smuggle Dikko, who was his brother from the north, in a crate, back to Nigeria. It shows he was not targeting the SE

As chairman PTF, he tarred road & provided drugs for all regions in the country. He didn’t discriminate against any region. As a president since 2015, he has done more in infrastructural development in SE than any government in history.

Out of 5 ministers from SE, 4 were substantive ministers in key ministries.

What exactly is Buhari’s sin against the Igbo?

I need a sincere answer.

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