Gani Adams Is A Retarded Tout Elevated To The Rank Of Nobles - Hausa Journalist Maiwada Dan Mallam -

Gani Adams Is A Retarded Tout Elevated To The Rank Of Nobles – Hausa Journalist Maiwada Dan Mallam

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In an open letter which the hausa journalist Aptly titled GANI ADAMS THREATS SHOULDN’T BE TAKEN LIGHTLY BY THE GOVERNMENT, he blasted Ex-Opc Leader Gani Adams who of recent made some scathing remarks on the north, he also blasted Fani Kayode he is quoted by Viralmula.Com Below

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When I read Gani Adams, leader of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) threatening that Yoruba race will retaliate the dead of Funke Olakunrin, daughter of Reuben Fasoranti, leader of Afenifere, I was wondering why the Nigerian Government is always lenient with such reckless responses to issues that are ordinarily resolvable through well established methods.

Translate it into any language, Adams threats were death sentences passed on innocent Nigerians from a particular ethnic group who may face gruesome deaths on the basis of watery assumptions of a thug elevated to the rank of nobles for no reason other his ability to co-ordinate and execute mass murders.

Going by the frequency elevated fools like Adams, FFK and Reno Omokri dishes out threats to Nigerians, especially Northerners, one begins to think if the Yorubas are Nigeria’s chosen tribe with legitimate claim to the title for the land christened Nigeria. The tolerance being lavished on the Yoruba is enough to clear any doubt about their “above the law” status. In saner climes thugs like Gani Adams would have been long forgotten, buried six feet under for their atrocities that sent many innocent Nigerians to their early graves. In Nigeria, he’s not only alive and a free man, he’s a celebrity with overblown sense of entitlement.

Google the name of Femi Fani Kayode and all you will get are provocative responses that each on its own could set Nigeria ablaze but for the attitude of his victim-region to turn the other cheek. And this is a fool that when not trying to burn Nigeria, he’s always in court for one charge of corruption or another. And the most annoying thing, I can’t think of a name in Northern Nigeria that could propagate half the venomous lies of Adams or FFK without having a day in his local DSS office. Are these fools above the law? If the Government could keep Col. Sambo Dasuki and Sheikh El-Zakzaky under protective custody for national security, I see no reason why these idiots would not only to be free men but to be free men with penchant for insulting public sensibility.

Adams claimed late Funke Olakonrin was killed by Fulani herdsmen for which he threatened to retaliate. Her driver and maid confessed on video they were attacked by hooded gunmen whose identity they could not verify. Where did Adams sourced his “Fulani herdsmen” version of event? This is worrisome. Even more worrisome were the threats of Adams, a deadly thug with a history of unprecedented violence.

Truly it’s time for those responsible to stop this recklessness. Adams is not only putting the lives of Northerners living in the Southwest at risk. He’s also putting the lives of citizens of the Southwest living in the North at risk. If his brain is so retarded to calculate the backlash of any attack on Northerners by his thugs, those responsible to prevent such backlash have the capacity to calculate the bloodshed he’s planning to unleash hence, they shouldn’t wait for this oaf to unleash his deadly agenda before they act.


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