CAN, Ohaneze Are Ethno Religous Bigots and Unrepentant Looters – Mustapha Gembu Blasts Critics

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Hausa Activist Mustapha Gembu has Come down Hard on  Igbo Socio Cultural Group Ohaneze And The Highest Christian Body In Nigeria CAN, He tagged Them In his Words , He Is Quoted By Viralmula.Com Below

Hypocrisy : GEJ has edited his post on his Facebook page from “herdsmen” to “gun men”.

My take :

Politics : All armed robbers, assassins, killers and kidnappers are now Fulani herdsmen because a Fulani herdsman is the President.

The satanic missions of the unrepentant haters, looters, CAN, Ohaneze Ndigbo and the bunch of ethno religion bigots is targeted at giving dog a bad name in other to hang it and will continue to hold no water.

Allah accu lawol fulbe duniya

He Accused The Ex-President Jonathan of editing his facebook post from Fulani herdsmen to Armed Bandits , and From Thorough Investigations from Viralmula.Com No prove of this claim was verified neither was it proven to be found on any facebook page of the Ex-President .

Useful Facts You Need To Know In This Battle For The Soul Of Nigeria



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