Zimbabwe Woman Caught Shoplifting in ShopRite Forced To Demonstrate How She Does It……. Watch The Hilarious Video

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A Zimbabwe Woman Caught Shoplifting in ShopRite outlet in zimbabwe Forced To Demonstrate How She Does It, as onlookers watched in awe at her thieving skills . with many hailing her and clapping for her after she hides a big packet of toilet rolls successfully  between her legs and catwalked past people who were so shocked by it, the video which has since gone viral on social media with one person saying

Joseph Jay Lungu : No need to embarrass her like that coz we all know what the situation is like in Zimbabwe.
Am not saying stealing is right and it must be condemened at all times. But embarrassing someone like this, eish its not right.
Watch the hilarious video below

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Mr Koco

Viralmula Admin........... Stop with the banter , Love Issa serious Matter !!