Kenneth Copeland Acquires Tyler Perry's Gulfstream V -

Kenneth Copeland Acquires Tyler Perry’s Gulfstream V

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Kenneth Copeland the General Overseer of Copeland Ministries located in the United States of America just acquired a Gulfstream V to add to his fleet of private jets.  His latest acquisition  Gulfstream V once belonged to renowned movie actor and producer Tyler Perry.  Tyler Perry bought the plane for $65 million and spent an additional $50 million to customize it between the year 2010 and 2011.

The aircraft includes a customized theatre on board with special lighting, electronically controlled cool mood window shades, a 42-inch HD LCD screen, and multiple Blu-ray players. It also has a formal dining room, a modern kitchen and a private VIP bedroom. It can typically accommodate 14 passengers and four crew members.

Kenneth Copeland admitted that he bought the jet off the media mogul hands for a ridiculously cheap amount of cash but he didn’t disclose the actual price that he acquired the Gulfstream V jet for.. His ministry’s purchases of multi-million dollar private jets have stirred controversy; Copeland has argued he does not fly commercially because commercial planes are full of “a bunch of demons.”

Watch him defend his latest acquisition in the video below:


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