Graphic: Alleged iphone Thief Lit On Fire in Owerri, Imo State -

Graphic: Alleged iphone Thief Lit On Fire in Owerri, Imo State

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A damning video leaked online today,  showing the moment a suspected iphone thief was lit ablaze in Owerri, Imo state has surfaced online and it has got many social media activists buzzing as the case was not forwarded to the police before matters where taken into their hands.

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It was gathered by that the alleged phone thief was accosted by the local market vigilantes that he looked suspicious and a mobile phone was reported missing earlier so he was searched and an alarm was raised.

It is not really clear if he was really a thief as at the time this report was filed because there was no mobile phone to bAck up thier claims that a phone was stolen in the first place.

The eastern part of nigeria where this incident happened has always been plaque with the menace of unprofessional market vigilantes so much that in the early 200s this vigilantes where at war with the various state governments in the igbo eastern states .


According to the twitter user who leaked the video, she said he was lit up at nekede owerri.

Watch the video below.


angry bird🌻@blossomm_ng

The moment a thief was set ablaze yesterday at nekede owerri. For stealing a what?.. A fuxking phone!!!!!!!!!! The beating wasn’t enough for them. They had to burn him alive

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Mr Koco

Viralmula Admin........... Stop with the banter , Love Issa serious Matter !!