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There are things I find difficult to articulate about Nigerians; since this Sai-Baba era. How could a people be collectively dumb?

– Now , tell me any bullet point here that is false or that you don’t know about.

• Several thousands of citizens have been killed by Fulani herdsmen over a period of 4 years and there is no one in jail for the crime. Nobody talks?

• The Army manages to capture some of the Boko-Haram terrorist and everyone watches Buhari give them uniforms and make them Nigerian Soldiers. Nobody talks?

• Buhari’s government negotiates a 100 Billion cash transfer to the Fulani Herdsmen. It’s public and not disputed. Nobody talks.

• El- Rufai pays Billions to the Fulani Herdsmen and comes to the television to say he did. Nobody talks.

• Buhari moves to disarm all your local vigilante and revokes your licensed guns instead of renewal. The Fulani Herdsmen carry AK47 still. Nobody talks.

• Now, the Federal Government moves to acquire a radio station for the Fulani Herdsmen to speak only their language. One tribe out of several tribes. Nobody talks.

It’s weird. These same people will gather and talk of a young lady marrying a millionaire as a fourth wife and Tonto Dike needing 4hrs but getting 40 seconds of sex or a Pastor building a big Church in Abuja.

Which calibre of Dibia prepared this charm of collective iberibeism? I have never seen a people sitting comfortably in a bar watching there own obituary announcement. It’s strange.

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