Anarchy Is Looming Over The Horizon -

Anarchy Is Looming Over The Horizon

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It may be a warning and a wake up call for those who care to listen

A few days ago, while writing about some disturbing cases of insecurity, I mentioned that there had been a rash of burglaries in and around the estate in which I reside.

I also mentioned that as the Secretary to the residents association of my estate, I was involved in a lot more interfacing with the Police than hitherto. We have two Police Stations we relate with, with regards to security related matters. One at Apata and the other in Oluyole, which is where I reside.

Well, the Police have been very cooperative since we last spoke to them. We have patrols coming into and around our estate on a regular basis. I have made it my duty to speak with them anytime I have the opportunity. Befriend them and make them feel appreciated.

Today I encountered one of the patrols, quite early in the day. I also recognized a couple of the cops, so I stopped for a chat. They told me something which troubled me deeply. Four days ago, they had had received a tip off about a group of 15 men residing somewhere in Apata. They had arrived 6 weeks ago. No visible means of income. They would disappear in batches and return after two or three days. The remaining would basically hang around doing nothing. Money to eat and all the other things associated with existence, did not seem to be a problem.

Anyway, the inhabitants of the community in which they had taken two rooms, were worried enough to report to the Police. What worried them the most though was that they appeared to be Fulani. They definitely did not speak Hausa. Anyway, a raid was carried out yesterday. 12 of the guys were present when the raid was carried out in the early hours of the morning.

There was a cache of arms within. According to the cops, there were at least 5 AK 47’s, single and double barreled as well as pump action shot guns!!

The guys are in police custody. They will be charged to court tomorrow. I am really worried as to why the authorities seem so disinterested in putting a stop to all these incidents. Who is funding, what is the true motive of this seeming Fulani incursion into areas that they are not traditionally from? Practically every report that has the Fulani ethnic nationality attached to it, has violence as an accomplice!

The Federal Government fails to realize that this silence or inactivity just feeds the speculations as to what the motives are. We have actually arrived at a place where we can almost state that these speculations and proclamations of a Fulani agenda are no longer speculations!

What the government does not realize is that people are gradually but steadily inching towards self help. Self help is a close cousin to vigilantism and it very often dovetails into anarchy!

No single ethnic group has a monopoly for violence. We all bleed blood and die. The South West seems to be the preferred destination in recent times. I laugh at people who say the Yoruba are cowards. They obviously don’t know the history of the Yoruba. But that is besides the point. Should a responsive government allow its citizens resort to self help? Should one group appear to be be in ascendancy over the others?

Are all these reports lies? Are they not verifiable? Anarchy is coming. This is not doomsday talk. We all see the reports. We all complain in our enclaves. Something sinister is afoot. There is trouble brewing. We keep saying…oh this and that can’t happen in Nigeria! Why? Dastardly things have happened, are happening and with this nonchalant approach to the issues, will continue to happen.

Victims will get fed up with being victimized. Reprisals will come and then, counter reprisals. That’s how the ethnic conflagration is stoked.



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