Chris Brown Caught On Video Doing COCAINE IN CLUB!! -

Chris Brown Caught On Video Doing COCAINE IN CLUB!!

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Chris Brown Cocaine are two words getting synonymous in the same sentence since far back as 2010.

Nßked woman is arranged like a Thanksgiving turkey and laid out on the dinner table with other meals ( photos/ video)

Chris Brown is rumored to have a very bad abusive cocaine problem – and now it looks to be getting much worse.

A fan managed to capture video of Chris appearing to openly do a bump of blow in the middle of a nightclub.

Here is the video:

Last year Billboard magazine published a long expose on Chris Brown, claiming that he;’s addicted to cocaine and other drugs.

Immediately after the article, Chris took to Instagram Stories to assure fans that he’s in good health. Chris did not directly deny being a drug addict

He was really fast with the sniff lmao.




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