Bold Hausa Woman Calls The Bluff Of Men Threatening To Harm Her Over Converting to Christianity From Islam

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A lady on social media by the name MUNEERA ABDULSALAM called out Hausa men who threatened to deal with her over Converting to Christianity from Islam.

Converting to Christianity from Islam

The lady over a series of live videos put out her plight to the public over the constant threats to her life Over her Converting to Christianity from Islam and vowed to sue every last one of them.

Converting to Christianity from Islam

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Converting to Christianity from Islam Converting to Christianity from Islam Converting to Christianity from Islam
On Her recent live video, she claimed to be WOKE and her eyes are now wide open, and she won’t Stand to be oppressed by Some  Hausa men who hide behind the Thin veil of religion to Oppress and subjugate women in general.


The lady who got across to stated that she was born a Christian but chose to convert to Islam during her school days but has now converted back which she states is her fundamental right as a Nigerian and a woman but apparently her decisions have not gone down well with some individuals who have vowed to  deal wih her and worse case scenerio end her existence.

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