My Random Thoughts about the Security Situation of Nigeria -

My Random Thoughts about the Security Situation of Nigeria

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L-R , Chief of Air Staff , Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar ; Chief of Naval Staff , Admiral Ibik –Eke Ibns ; Chief of Army Staff ; Lt. General Tukur Buratai and the Chief of Defence Staff , General Abayomi Gabriel Olonishakin at the decoration of the new Service Chiefs held inside the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa, Abuja ..yesterday (13-08-2015) . GODWIN OMOIGUI.

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This is one aspect where I fault Buhari. By now, all the service chiefs should have been sacked and replaced, because of all the heavy casualties suffered by our soldiers, and all the fatal havoc being caused by herdsmen militia against civilians in the north and middle belt. During GEJ era, security was so porous and so bad that Boko Haram was actively controlling huge territories in the North spanning states. They had flags hoisted all around and were running amoc doing as they please. Security was so bad that even the capital abuja, the seat of power, was being bombed with reckless abandon during GEJ’s time. And I believe this was one of the main reasons GEJ lost the elections because they took security for granted, played politics with defeating Boko Haram that destroyed thousands of thousands of lives. When Buhari came in, he modified the security architecture and changed military strategies and they recorded significant success against Boko Haram and restored security and peace, relatively far better than GEJ time. However, in 2017/2018, only God knows what went wrong, security crisis all over again. First it was with the herdsmen militia running rampage killing civilians all around, and Boko Haram is gaining ground again to the point of taking territories again, and the security of the nation is speedily retrogressing back to the insecurities of the GEJ era. It is a big shame and a big blow to this government. If Buhari is truly serious about securing the nation and winning the fight against the evil elements, with all the heavy casualties being recorded and success being made by enemy forces, then by now he ought to have reviewed and reorganized the security apparatus of the nation, which must include replacing the service chiefs and security heads under whose leadership, command and watch which such disastrous security collapse is happening. It doesn’t mean he hates them, it just means you need to change strategy and change staff to accomplish a better result. If not that PDP is such a damaged goods and disoriented opposition party, by now it would be expected that Buhari would lose the election for the same reason GEJ lost, which is massive insecurity in the nation. But fortunately for APC, there is no credible opposition on ground. However, I think President Buhari needs to do better and review the security handlers that have suddenly gone from doing excellent jobs to not so doing well. Imagine if you have a home lesson teacher teaching your child, and the child starts performing well in his studies but then later the child begins to fail in subjects he used to pass before or the child begins to fail qualifying exams repeatedly year after year. Won’t you hire another better teacher to take over? That’s the thing. President Buhari with his military background ought to know better and do better. Even Obj changed service chiefs when necessary, and the truth is even when not necessary, service chiefs are changed as a matter of routine, for fresher ideas and newer better tactics in protecting the nation. President Buhari I wish you could read this, this is 2019, please do better for the security of Nigeria and change whatever and whomever needs to be changed to keep the nation and its citizens safe.

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