“Proposing to a lady in her 30s is not an engagement but a Rescue mission” – Facebook User Says

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In a society, the value accrued marriage is on the same level with success; if you are successful but not married, you are never properly respected Well a facebook user airs some views on this.

Most young girls want to settle down between the ages of 20 – 28. However, when the plan does not turn out as expected, it becomes a huge dilema.

The unavailability of the right man or a willing man is usually what women in this category highlight as excuse. When this happens, pressure sets in for her especially when she reaches her mid 30’s and beyond.

This notion might be what has led a young Nigerian man to post on facebook that proposing to a lady in her 30s is not an engagement but a rescue mission.

The man, Odoju Samuel wrote;

Do y’all agree with him ?


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