Nigerian woman cries out on Instagram, says her brothers have locked her up for days

nigerian woman

Nigerian lady

A Nigerian woman, Rita Geofrey

took to her Instagram page to shout out for help, swearing on oath that she’s been bolted and locked up against her

will   by her brothers for three days and they won’t let her out. 

Be that as it may, some Instagram users are scrutinizing the validness of her cases and others doubted why she didn’t utilize an opportunity to call for help yet record recordings and post photographs. 

She additionally posted an ambiguous address which has confused her would be helpers significantly further.

In any case, she asserts she is being forcefully  fed by them and she has no clue why she is being locked up.

She wrote,

I need help, Lord please save my soul..they’ve been forcing me to eat food and also take my birth and I refuse, like who will ever force a grow gal to eat food when she isn’t hungry??

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