Alizee Murder : He was ready to also kill Alizee younger Sisters - Alizee's Father Speaks -

Alizee Murder : He was ready to also kill Alizee younger Sisters – Alizee’s Father Speaks

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Alizee Murder: The relatives of the late Nigerian artist, Zainab Ali-Nielsen, otherwise known as Alizee, are still stunned by her passing.

The 37-year-old vocalist and her four-year-old girl, Petra, were discovered dead on Thursday in the kitchen at their crib in Banana Island, Lagos. A few reports have charged that Alizee’s Danish spouse, Peter Nielsen Schau, killed them.

In a talk with Sunday Scoop, Alizee’s dad, Ali Madaki, gave some data about the couple. He stated, “I have known my late girl’s husband for more than seven years now. In the beginning, he was of good character yet a year ago, he began battling his wife. Last November, a case was filed for at the police headquarters when he beat her to a state of extreme lethargy. He at that point took an affidavit that he could never pummel her again.” 

Reviewing how he was put in the know about the terrible episode, Madaki stated, “On Thursday morning, he called me; I was in Abuja. Since I missed his calls, I got back to and he revealed to me he saw my little girl and granddaughter on the floor in the kitchen. I asked what turned out badly to warrant such; he didn’t let out the slightest reply and dropped the call. One of my two little girls remaining with them called their mom and broke the news. We took the following flight to Lagos and discovered she was dead really. I didn’t know my grandchild was dead as well. I advised my little girl to get Petra for me and we ought to go, at that point she disclosed to me she was dead as well. I was stunned. The spouse asserted it was gas suffocation that killed them. We realize that gas doesn’t murder individuals that way. In the photos, you would see wounds everywhere on their bodies. They were choked to death. I firmly trust he did it in light of the fact that their compound is exceedingly secured. At whatever point I went by them, the security agents needed to affirm my visit with them before I would be permitted in.” We at are appaled

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Expressing that he was ignorant whether the Danish man was on mental medication or someone who is addicted to hard drugs or  an alcoholic, Alizee’s dad stated, “I don’t know whether he has a background marked by being a heavy drinker or medication junkie. She once returned to our home in Abuja subsequent to being battered by her better half. She was there for just about a month. The man came and began asking that he was smashed. He said he devoured excessively liquor on the decisive day he beat her. Since they had been as one for some time and he had never gotten out of hand, I acknowledged his request and enabled Alizee to come back to Lagos. 

“My two girls are in the police headquarters at this moment to give their announcements since they saw all that happened. They said he hit her head on the forehead. Toward the beginning of the day, he at that point asked them where his child’s mother was. They pretended they didn’t comprehend what happened. They realized that in the event that they had made any acknowledgment, they could be assaulted as well. There were five individuals in the house when the occurrence happened – my late little girl, her kid, spouse and my two girls – one 12-year-old and the other 10-year-old. I have four young ladies; Alizee is my first kid and her prompt more youthful immediate sister works in a bank.”

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The grieving father expressed over alizee murder  that he needed equity to win. He included, “He can’t do this in our nation and escape with it despite the fact that he could escape with it in the event that he had done it in his nation. We need our administration to pass a solid message to different countries with this. On the off chance that this occurs in their nation, they would without a doubt execute the Nigerian. Our legislature must give equity as well as they do in different nations.”

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In the interim, Alizee’s more youthful sister, Gift Madaki, who purportedly saw the episode, expressed that when she heard Alizee sobbing for help, she went out to peep. “I was at home when the episode happened. When she was sobbing for help, I went to perceive what was happening and I saw the spouse hitting her head on the forehead. I couldn’t turn out on the grounds that I knew he would dive on me as well. The man is very violent and temperamental,” she said. 




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