Old lady Arrested for burning the hands of her grand-daughter over  indomie  noodles

viralmula over indomie

The Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs has arrested an old lady for burning the hands of her grand-daughter over  indomie  noodles .

The little girl said she helped herself to the indomie noodles when there was no other food in sight.

According to viralmula.com findings, the grandmother placed the childs hands on a gas cooker until they got burnt.

A well-meaning Nigerian who had witnessed the incident reported the case to the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs.

The Ministry enlisted the help of the ever gallant Edo Police and Swiftly Arrested arrested the grandmother.

The child has been admitted into  UBTH for prompt medical care and attention.

viralmula over indomie

over indomie



  1. They should give this demonic grandmother jungle justice by getting a brand new cutlass and chopping of her hands too. She punished this little girl all because of 50 naira indomine 😢

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